The beauty of a woman is not in the clothes she wears, the figure that she carries, or the way she combs her hair. The beauty of a woman must be seen from in her eyes, because that is the doorway to her heart, the place where love resides. The beauty of a woman is not in a facial mole, but true beauty in a woman is reflected in her soul. It is the caring that she lovingly gives, the passion that she shows, and the beauty of a woman with passing years only grows! --Audrey Hepburn's Beauty Tips

Sunday, January 8, 2012

FOTD with NAKED2: The ID Picture Day

In the blog world, FOTD stands for Face Of The Day.

I had my ID picture taken today and let me share you my eye make up using Urban Decay's Naked2. I love this palette because :

  • highly pigmented
  • easy to blend
  • not powdery
  • no fallouts
  • love the colors

I will share the photos taken by my hubby but not the ID photo taken at the studio haha. I look so stiff on that shot lol!

Shades used :

i love the taupes!

my stubborn lashes did not curl
I used Maybelline mascara

Used LIGHT and SUN for the cheeks (Sephora)

this is not my ID picture. Just testing the make up's effect
should have brushed some nose line but was too lazy to put some :D

On my lips: Burts Bees lip shimmer and Tony Moly lip pencil :D 
After 8 hours, I am finally home. 
Make up check: No smudges and creases
This is how it looked like after 8 hours
I want my make up to last at least the entire day! I hate retouching.
Note: I used NYX HD Eye Primer prior to eyeshadow application

Oil was starting to build up on forehead

Before erasing my make up I wanted to experiment and turn it to a night smokey look :D
(The shot below have foundation powder retouch since I'm too oily and the flash was reflecting on my tzones.)
Note: I did not erase my eye make up. I just topped it with more colors from naked2 palette :)

Surprisingly, it did not turn out as muddy. Every shade compliments each other.
making my eyes look big hehe 

blend blend blend
I used the brush on the palette plus  brushes from my charm travel pro

Brushes Used
from the palette

used for the black eye shadow to tight line upper eye lids as close to the lash line and for lower right  part of my eye
For more blending
This blending brush really blends perfectly :D
My favorite blending brush
flat brush for the colors added
I prefer clean brushes for every color applied so there will be no color mixing

Thanks to my very supportive hubby for taking photos of my eye :D heart heart u!

Hope you had a great weekend!



  1. I'm so lost. So I like just the basics for work (typical tomboy) but I have no idea what to do with other eye shadows. I don't even know what I'll do with all the colors. Is there a science to it?

    1. Hi Dang,
      Colors are based on the color wheel (back to elementary) What compliments each and what cancels what.
      As dark clothes make the trick of a slimmer figure, darker eye make up makes the eyes smaller too.
      Darkening a part of your face will make it smaller (like contouring cheeks so make face smaller) etc.
      Eye shadow application has a technique too depending on the eye's shape. One should know where to start and end the application.
      Color also has something to do with the eye shape. Basic: Light colors makes it bigger and brings the eyes out, Darker colors makes it smaller or deeper.
      Skin tones: Asians are mostly yellow. So, stick with yellow toned foundation. Using pink toned foundations will make us grey. Still, the science of color wheel and the logic of dark and light colors.
      :D have fun!